What Is the Best Height for Skirting Boards?

Buying skirting boards is not complicated but there are several details you must take into account in order to make the right choice. Many people find difficult choosing the height, but this is actually extremely simple. Therefore, in case you are asking yourself what is the best height for skirting boards, you should continue to read the below information for a better understanding of the subject.

Skirting boards look very nice and they can totally transform an interior. However, if you don’t hire a professional to install these items and you want to do it yourself, you need to know the exact dimensions so that the result can be as expected. Keep in mind that the average height for skirting boards is 145 mm, which is similar to 6 inches. When it comes to choosing the height of these boards, it actually comes down to personal preference, although you should not go for a too high board because it can be quite unaesthetic. The most popular sizes range from 120 mm up to 230 mm. You can either choose a size between the ones we mentioned earlier or you could go for something different. Just make sure the difference is not too big because otherwise, the walls can look quite suffocated. The boards should not cover too much the walls, because they are actually made to give an elegant look and cover the small gaps between the walls and the floor.

Basically, the height of a skirting board is how high you actually want the skirting climbing up the wall. You must also not forget about the depth when choosing the desired items. The depth is how thick the board will be along the wall. It is recommended to go for a thin skirting board because it has a more chic design. The thicker ones are recommended only in case the room is very big and you plan to install the furniture pieces very close to the wall. In any other case, go for a thinner board. Before shopping, you should also know the exact length of the skirting, which is how long the board is going to be along the wall. Keep in mind to purchase an even longer skirting board, so that you have an extra piece in case you got the wrong measurements. There are stores that provide various sizes for those who are trying to match up the existing skirting board. Skirting World is one of these stores, and you can find here lots of designs and colors.

In conclusion, the best height for skirting boards is the one that you actually like. However, as we mentioned earlier, it should not be more than 145 mm, unless you have a quite large room with very high walls. Otherwise, if your house is normal size, 145 mm would be absolutely great. Skirting boards can be installed by a professional, but in case you are on a budget then you can even do it yourself. If you follow the right steps you will definitely manage to beautifully install your skirting boards, and if the items have the right dimensions, then the interior will look simply amazing.

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