The Top UK Michelin-starred Restaurants

If you’re looking for restaurants in the UK, check out these Michelin-starred ones and details on all their new recipes. Although over 50% of Britons prefer takeaways, the Michelin Guide hopes to encourage people to think past smashed avocado on toast. The first UK edition was published in 1974 and Michelin Stars remain highly sought as a way to distinguish the best restaurants from all major cities.


The 2019 Michelin Guide has been revealed in Waterloo’s BFI IMAX cinema, at an event dubbed the Oscars of the food industry, which has been setting the standard for discerning diners everywhere. Two restaurants were awarded two stars: James Knappett’s Kitchen Table and Moor Hall. If you want to have a Michelin-starred meal and a girl to come with you, take into consideration hiring an escort for the evening, as they are everywhere in England, so you just have to look for an escort website. These girls know how to behave in a high class environment and can offer you a pleasurable time in London, which has one of the biggest escort communities: . It is one of the most popular things these days, for one who doesn’t have a companion, so do not worry about it.


This year, five London restaurants managed to retain their stars, but the biggest win of 2019 was Core, the latest achievement by Clare Smyth, a protégé of Gordon Ramsay, which opened to widespread acclaim in 2017. Michelin stars are a rating system to grade restaurants on originally developed in 1900 and first introduced in 1926 as a single star, which now signifies a very good restaurant. Find the London restaurants, from long-standing culinary institutions to newer restaurants, as the yearly unveiling of the Michelin Guide’s Great Britain and Ireland edition is big news, for very good reason.


  1. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is located in a hotel, one of over 25 restaurants operated by French-born Monégasque chef Alain Ducasse and since 2010, it holds three Michelin stars.  Chefs Jean-Philippe Blondet (who replaced Jocelyn Herland), Thibault Hauchard and Alberto Gobbo cook for an upscale restaurant with friendly staff and and incredible food, making it great for a special occasion. Alain Ducasse intended the restaurant to have the seriousness of Le Plaza Athénée in Paris and the Executive Chef was originally intended to be Nicola Canuti.


  1. The Araki, New Burlington Street

Chef Mitsuhiro Araki chose to close its previously owned restaurant in February 2013 and had considered New York and Singapore, but London was a better option. Established in 2014, this sushi restaurant, with a seating capacity of 15, run by the Japanese chef, was awarded two stars in the 2016 Michelin Guide, before becoming the first to win three stars in the UK, as a Japanese restaurant. A counter is divided from the kitchen the overall look of the interior is based upon the Japanese Edo period, with ten seats at the counter, as part of a redevelopment of the combined office space.


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