The 5 Best Budget Eats in London

With our guide to the best dishes in London, such as stracci with gorgonzola at Padella, eating out doesn’t have to cost the earth. London cheap eats have been reported and captured by us, so you’ll get to know what’s good you don’t have to try everything for yourself. That is why we are willing to share our favorite meals for under £10.

We’ve pulled together some super-cheap eats, basement-dwelling cult faves and cracking cafés, so you can stay stuffed and get stuck in. You can search for your next gourmet meal in our restaurant, but in this article we can only promise a tasty cheap eat, with a couple of beers and that sounds like a pretty good time too. Eating out in London you can discover that the capital is home to an affordable dining scene.

London might be the world’s greatest city but with spiraling living costs, it’s not like we can eat out as much as we’d like to, that’s why we made a list of the best best cheap eats, budgeted at £10 or less, so expect anything in the range of brilliant food for your pennies, as filling up needn’t empty the wallet. Eating out in London can feel like dancing on the knife’s edge but luckily, the city is replete with options that won’t break the bank, so here are 5 great places.


  1. Quiche Lorraine

Café Sou, a plush café sat at the far end of one of the The Ned’s gargantuan indoor boulevards is the Soho House Group’s attempt at a grand railway café, très jolie, with a simple menu including quiches and rillettes plus some decent wines. With a price of about £4, in the Parisian mould, the eggy slabs of quiche Lorraine are astoundingly satisfying. Chewy baguettes are fine still, especially the one with chopped boiled eggs, the kind of sandwich that reminds you why we love them.


  1. Authentic Thai cookery

Visiting 101 Thai Kitchen you’ll find a collection of southern Thai dishes such as turmeric-marinated sea bass hailed from Hat Yai or an Esarn classic of shredded bamboo shoots favoured in the region and served with a decent squeeze of lime and a few mint leaves. At this King Street canteen the vibe is no-nonsense, with ageing padded metal chairs, tables which are arranged in long lines and portraits of the Thai royal family, and the locals are treated with congeniality.


  1. Kisir and Kebabs

Gökyüzü, in Harringay, is unassuming thanks to its very good food, correct and hefty, and the lahmacun is an absolute treat as well.


  1. Pizza

There are several Franco Manca locations, including Tottenham Court Road and Southfields, and the cost starts at £4.50, with the best sourdough crust.


  1. Koshari

Koshari Street is a slick canteen which serves Lebanese food jazzed-up with toasted vermicelli, caramelised onions and an aromatic sprinkling of mixed nuts and spices, while the tomato sauce is a little meek and the filling koshari offers layers of interesting flavours due to the doqqa spice mix.

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